Höfelmeyer Iris for the secure digitalisation of production - including cloud-based

The entire value chain on a single software platform

The many areas of application for the IIoT software Iris include OEE, predictive maintenance and quality management

From incoming goods to outgoing goods, the IIoT software Iris enables companies to design processes digitally, to network machines and to manage data comprehensively with a diverse range of analysis tools. This safeguards the quality of your products and the efficiency of your processes. All value streams are available at any time and any place - in real time and independent of end devices. It’s up to the customer to decide whether implementation should be cloud-based or on-premise. The modular Industry 4.0 platform from Höfelmeyer was developed in customer co-creation - and thus directly from the market. “With Iris, we have developed a forward-looking software solution in cooperation with our customers with the objective of making production digital, sustainable and efficient while safeguarding quality and reducing costs. This gives companies a genuine, pioneering alternative from the SME sector that maps the entire workflow”, says Felix Höfelmeyer (CEO).

As a solution for all weighing and quality assurance tasks, Iris can be used in a variety of ways. Companies of all sizes and from all industries can benefit - food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, recycling, logistics, building materials, cosmetics, plastics and many more. Customers configure the modules according to their process requirements. Examples of applications include the recording and processing of weight data or other quality parameters such as temperature, appearance, taste and consistency. The digitalisation of counting, classification, filling and dosing processes belongs to the portfolio just as much as recipe management, quality assurance processes including foreign object control, packaging and labelling. With Iris, processes in incoming goods and warehouse management can also be adapted to the challenges of the future.

With its extensive analysis capabilities, Iris makes an important contribution to optimising overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and predictive maintenance. Inspection in accordance with the Prepackaging Ordinance („FpackV“) and the control of quality characteristics also benefit from this innovative IIoT solution, which integrates not only Höfelmeyer weighing and measuring technology, but also third-party products. The option of implementing Iris as a cloud solution gives companies additional flexibility and speed. The real-time information on all end devices (live monitoring) allows deviations to be recognised immediately and suitable measures to be derived directly - even before the entire batch has been produced. At the same time, the cloud solution is guaranteed to provide maximum security. On the other hand, the on-premise version of Iris is implemented on the basis of the customer's own IT architecture.

Iris features a visual and intuitive user interface. Licences, users, articles, orders etc. can be managed easily. Dashboards provide a clear visualisation of the expansion modules. The two variants that companies can use, „IrisOffice“ and „Iris Production“, differ among other things in terms of user rights and input and analysis options. This ensures data security and enhances usability. With constant updates and further developments, Iris represents a future-proof software solution for companies. Of course, the platform can be integrated into higher-level ERP systems. Customised solutions are also possible within the scope of co-creations. The Höfelmeyer remote service „Direct Views“ provides customers with even more added value. Remote maintenance based on augmented reality (AR) increases reaction speed, system availability and process efficiency. This allows costs to be reduced considerably.