Gemü diaphragm globe valves can be integrated into multi-port valve blocks

Made from stainless steel

Multi-port valve block made from stainless steel with the control valve Gemü 567 Biostar control

With immediate effect, the valve specialist Gemü offers solutions for manufacturing diaphragm globe valves with PD design (Plug Diaphragm) as multi-port valve blocks made from stainless steel in a reliable process. The focus is on the requirements for "hygienic design" and cost effective process-optimized manufacture. It is possible with immediate effect to configure multi-port valves with diaphragm globe valves on a case by case basis according to customer requirements. For instance, multi-port valve blocks with the control valve Gemü 567 Biostar control have already been designed for aseptic dosing from an ultra-pure water loop. Another example are filling blocks with the Gemü F40 and Gemü F60 filling valves, developed in combination with auxiliary valves as a complete solution for gas control.

The integration of diaphragm globe valves in multi-port valve blocks combines the advantages of a valve block with those of PD design. This opens the door to new opportunities for plant operators, which Gemü can implement according to custom requirements.